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The PM Quick Check from parm ltd. carries out a non-binding local analysis of your Project Management and Leadership Software in 15 minutes. As soon as you have completed the questionnaire, you will receive recommendations based on the data you have entered as to how you can optimise your potentials and hence increase the maturity level of your company and project management.

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How many of your staff use the PM (project management) system?

What structural changes have been carried out since the implementation of the PM system?

How are the linked companies integrated into the PM system?

How many employees (full- and part-time, internal and external) work in or for your company IT?


When did the PM system start operation?

How many components does the PM system comprise?

How homogenous is the system platform (operating system)?

How often does the provider issue new functionalities (release changes)?

How often do you change existing settings or functionalities in the PM system, or complement/change the
application(s) via your own programs?


How well are project related communications with your business partners supported (documents)?


Data exchange


Financial accounting

Cost accounting


Final papers/reporting

Invoicing and payment


Do you use the PM system for quality management (QM) tasks?

Project management

Project planning

The project scope is estimated
The deliverable object and tasks are estimated
The project lifecycle is defined
Planning and cost estimation are determined as planned value
Budget and time planning are included/available
Project risks are identified
The data management is planned
Project resources are planned
Required (expert) know-how and skills are determined and planned
Comprehension of the stakeholders is planned
A project plan is executed/tracked
Plan reviews are planned/executed
Workloads and resource availabilities are compared
Plans are promised/released

Degree of fulfilment


Project monitoring

Project parameters are monitored
Confirmations/releases are monitored
Project risks are monitored
Data management is monitored
Stakeholder comprehension is monitored
Milestone analysis/reviews are executed
Issues are analysed
Corrections are initiated
Corrections are managed

Degree of fulfilment



Requirements are centrally listed
Requirements are confirmed
Changes are managed
Bidirectional traceability of requirements is assured
Differences between project results and requirements are identified

Degree of fulfilment


Change management

Configuration items are identified
Configuration systems are maintained
Baselines are created/established
Change requests are tracked
Configuration items are controlled
Configuration management files are prepared
Configuration audits are executed

Degree of fulfilment


Process and product quality

Objective process evaluation
Objective evaluation of work results and services
Communication of and solutions to incomplete issues

Degree of fulfilment


Measurement and analysis

Implementation of measurement criteria
Measurement procedures are specified
Data collection/storage is specified
Analysis processes are specified
Measurement data are collected
Measurement data are analysed
Data and results are stored
Results/findings are communicated

Degree of fulfilment


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