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In 2012, parm ltd. put the focus on the completion of the development of the new software generation myPARM, which will replace the existing solution ePARM. The team of parm ltd. is now ready to present the innovative, powerful myPARM applications and its accordant topics (for example EVM, Early Warning System, Program and Portfolio Management etc.) at various international conferences.

Asociacion Venezolana de Gerencia de Proyectos, 14th and 15th March 2013, Venezuela

parm ltd. was strongly represented at the Congress «Asociacion Venezolana de Gerencia de Proyectos» on Isla de Margarita in Venezuela. The company presented two papers in following subject areas:

Mister Eduard Pfister, CEO and owner of parm ltd., made a presentation on Earned Value Method in combination with Risk and Opportunity Management. He approached themes like project monitoring with and without Earned Value method, the issues of project tracking, single-versus three-point estimations, integrated time and cost simulation (Monte Carlo), buffer reserves and receivables and Risk & Opportunity Management. In addition he pointed out, how an Early Warning System with appropriate indicators can prevent critical situations by optimising the unmediated response time.

Fernando Roque, partner of parm ltd. in Latin America, presented the use of the Earned Value Method by using the practical example for the construction of a hydroelectric power plant in Latin America. The example showed how the Earned Value Method can help investors and managers with technical and financial responsibility to check the project progression successfully. The method helps by the achievement of agreed milestones and required results and support the overall confidence in the project.

The audience was made up of managers from all over Latin America, primarily members of the Venezuelan state-owned oil companies.

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4. Swiss Forum Klinik Marketing, 8th and 9th April 2013, Zurich

Nina Fischer, Head of Marketing & Sales of parm ltd., and Oliver Giger, Consultant and Product Manager of parm ltd., jointly held a lecture on «Performance indicators for the medical practitioner relationship management – how a successful controlling can be implemented». The lecture dealt with the upheaval of the Swiss health care system away from an actor-centered towards a more aligned to the patient, process-oriented system. It was a question that providers respond with a systematic medical practitioner relationship management on the current and future challenges. The medical practitioner relationship management process has been demonstrated on the basis of the strategy via a market analysis to the tactical implementation (measures). Furthermore, the controlling of the overall process was illustrated by Key Performance Indicators (KIP's) – so-called performance indicators.

During the two congress days, managers, marketing managers but also senior doctors were able to get an insight into the latest marketing trends of the healthcare industry.

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