parm ltd. again in collaboration with the FHS St.Gallen

The FHS St.Gallen University of Applied Sciences is unique throughout Switzerland with its practical projects within the bachelor programme in Business Administration. All students make direct use of what they have learned in theory in the world of business! These practical projects constitute consulting assignments by companies and public institutions which BA students implement in teams or in individual work. The students thus hone their practical abilities in a sustained way and are «steeled» for the employment market. The principals obtain in-depth company analyses, market research and implementation concepts. The teams are accompanied professionally by FHS lecturers. The practical assignments are defined together with the principals according to their individual needs, while the students develop results methodically which can be directly and practically realised. Moreover, the students pursue a cooperative approach in the implementation process and are associated with the principals in a spirit of mutual motivation. All this takes place under the leadership of the University’s knowledge transfer unit (WTT-FHS).

parm ltd. has worked closely together with WTT-FHS during the last few years. The company has placed orders within the scope of all these practical project programmes and has been very happy with the results. Also this year, parm ltd. realise a scientific project in the area of «management concept» together with a student team of the FHS St.Gallen.

Project description

The myPARM project management solution enables managers at any time to keep track of the project details, to analyse it continuously and to see how they are compatible. With this extensive solution the user immediately get a realistic picture of the project progress. In addition, the feasibility and the project risks caused by changes can be recognised before these changes arrive in the approval stage. The strength of myPARM is the project structuring on four hierarchical management and leadership levels. They are all controlled and lead via individual dashboards (top down/bottom up interaction):

  • Management: Strategic targets and defaults

  • Portfolio: For example Marketing, Human Resources; includes several programs

  • Program Management

  • (Sub-)Project Management

myPARM works on all these management levels and project leadership instances with appropriate key performance indicators (KPIs) that support a realistic, professional and practice-oriented project management.

The aim of the project is to identify, define and to make transparent the significant acting early warning indicators per KPI. In addition, their interdependences and its linked effects on other early warning indicators and on other KPIs get pragmatic and clearly shown. Similarly, all defined early warning indicators must have validity to all economic sectors and all or selected parts must be specified for the use of defined industries.

The project started on January 2013 and will end in June 2013.

All information on these practical projects and on WTT-FHS may be found on the WTT website:

Website FHSG/WTT