Our Early Warning System solution is already successful in use by more than 600 users!

The entirely internet based myPARM Early Warning System is available in three versions:

Project view

The core of the project level is the continuous monitoring of the company owned Key Performance Indicators which you specify.

Program view

The program level also shows the aggregate performance of several projects which you can merge together as programs. The traffic light functions are adopted from the project level.

Portfolio view

The portfolio level allows you to evaluate projects according to your strategic focus very flexible.

Main advantages at a glance

  • Risk can be identified early on and countered

  • Countering critical project developments early on saves a lot of money and time

  • You can reduce dependency on each individual project leader

  • The system helps the those involved in the project to do their job even better

  • You reduce the administrative workload of management personnel

  • Management personnel can view all the information they need at a glance

  • The quality of the data – and also your trust in the data – increases

  • You can reduce the risk items in your (offer) calculations, so you can offer them at a better price

  • The system precisely mirrors YOUR controlling culture

  • The flexibility of the system allows ongoing optimization.

In figures

  • We assume that on average 10% less additional charges arise, or respectively the projects can be carried out 10% more efficiently in terms of cost

  • We assume that a project leader can reduce his control effort by 50%