• 14.01.2013

    parm ltd. as accredited service provider of the association STARTFELD

    Within eastern Switzerland, more than 1,000 companies are established per year. This is a considerable amount. Eastern Switzerland is a very dynamic and economic area within the three-country border Switzerland, Germany and Austria. It is a region that stands for renowned educational establishments and more and more frequently as part that also want to cooperate in the course of transnational cooperation. Best conditions for innovations and an alive young entrepreneur scene!


  • 27.11.2012

    Early Warning Systems in the Project Management

    As part of the parm ltd. webinar lecture series in October and November this year, the theme "Early Warning Systems in the Project Management" has already been illuminated and discussed in detail together with a group of experts.



  • 07.05.2013

    Cloud computing is the talk of the town and meanwhile becomes understood as solution for many problems and in response to the search for new approaches in IT. But, what does one understand by cloud and cloud computing actually?


  • 06.05.2013

    parm ltd. again in cooperation with the FHS St.Gallen (PDF 3310 kb)

    On page 39, you will find an article about the renewed cooperation within parm ltd. and FHS St.Gallen within a joint practical-work project (article in German).






  • 01.08.2012

    Kongress Klinik Marketing 2012

    KPI's for the health system
    Nina Fischer, Head Marketing and Sales, parm ltd.
    Oliver Giger, Consultant, Product Owner, parm ltd.
    November 5 - 8, 2012, Cologne, Germany


  • 01.11.2011

    EVA conference - Project Controls for Every Body!

    If you can't see the wood, look at the tree - Looking at projects from a different angle
    Eduard Pfister, CEO and owner of parm ltd.
    Franz Bach, project leader parm ltd.
    November 24 - 25, 2010, Gent, Belgium