Parm Ltd. and Finnish company Silverbucket Oy form strategic partnership

Two market leaders in project management software, the Finnish company Silverbucket Oy and St. Gallen-based parm ltd. (myPARM Software Suite) have decided to join forces on the German-speaking market in the area of project resource management.

The thinking behind the collaboration is that differentiated and relevant use can only be achieved for customers by providing the best integrated components on the market (Best of Breed).

Resource management requirements vary depending on the area of application and the size of the company. In order to meet these varying requirements, the myPARM Software has three different resource modules, which can be implemented in the corresponding configurations:

  • The "myPARM RM Modul" is sufficient for small teams in one location in most cases.

  • The easy-to-use, web-based "Silverbucket" software is particularly well suited for companies with a lot of employees and/or a lot of different projects.

  • The Danish product "Marstrand Planning Intelligence" can be used by companies with complex tasks and/or many different types of resources (e.g. people, machines, semi-finished goods, etc.).

All three products are integrated into the myPARM Suite, which means that data is kept together; multiple inputs are not required.

Needless to say, the products can also be implemented as stand-alone products – customers in over 40 countries are already working with them.


About Silverbucket Oy:

Silverbucket is a Finnish IT company providing a cloud service for resource management which suits all organisations working on projects - regardless of the branch they operate in. With the help of a user-friendly resourcing tool, you get a clear view to the company’s resource allocations, which contributes to a better project planning and execution of projects.

Silverbucket is based in Tampere and has many significant domestic and foreign customers.

Further information: www.silverbucket.com