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myPARM voted best product in Project Portfolio Management (PPM)

At the third PPM Praxis Test held in Zurich on 23 November 2016, myPARM was voted the most successful Swiss product, coming out on top against major players such as CA PPM, MS Project and seven other products from the DACH region.

PPM tools are powerful instruments designed to support organisations in as many areas of project portfolio management as possible. Managers want to be able to draw strategic conclusions in a quick and clear manner using a PPM tool, while portfolio managers use the tools to display project information so that the portfolio can be planned as well as possible and developments are clearly visible. Finally, project managers require the use of these tools to ensure optimal project management.
This time around, CSP AG (the organiser of the Swiss PPM Praxis Test 2016) focused on the PPM Cockpit. Based on 50 criteria, 10 carefully evaluated software tools from the three perspectives of management, portfolio management and project management were assessed and compared against one another, with practical and individual ratings by participants taken into account. In total, 185 ratings were submitted that detailed the strengths and weaknesses of the selected solutions. The participants came from the services (25%), public administration (25%), healthcare (20%), industry and trade (15%) and consultancy (15%) sectors.

The criteria for assessment were split into three distinct categories:

Management Cockpit (15 criteria)
In strategic resource management, PPM tools can provide support with regard to prioritising projects, strategic capacity planning, portfolio scenario design and, finally, defining an optimal portfolio road map both in terms of strategy and capacity.
myPARM impressed in this category, in particular for criteria concerning the adept prioritisation of the portfolio or its projects (e.g. criteria weighting; graphic of versions on the time axis).

PPM Cockpit (15 criteria)
As a rule, resources are required for different projects at the same time. PPM tools support operational resource management in skills-oriented planning, resource and cost planning, allocation of resources, performance and cost analyses, and detailed task management.
myPARM scored very highly in this category. The integrated risk management, resource planning and allocation, and the flexible, weighted portfolio analysis received special praise.

Project Cockpit (15 criteria)
The results of resource management in strategic and operational areas support risk management, conflict management and project portfolio management resource controls through the performance of relevant evaluations.
myPARM also took the top spot in this category, with the project KPIs – visually represented and calculated online – having a strong impact on the participants.

Alongside these functional criteria, participants also had to assess five general criteria: standard version, configurability (without the provider), customisation by the provider, sales and operational model, and technical integration.
myPARM was also singled out as the best product for several criteria in this category.

Overall, myPARM was voted a first-class, all-round package that scored highly and well above average from all three perspectives.
The full report on the PPM Praxis Test 2016 by CSP AG can be ordered directly via the CSP website.

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