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parm ltd. solutions are the best in the categories «E-Business», «Branch Software» and «Quality Management»

The Initiative Mittelstand support middle class suitable products and solutions via her independent platform The INNOVATIONSPREIS-IT of Initiative Mittelstand promote effectively innovative and middle class suitable products via the yearly award that gives impulse and ways of increasing its competitiveness to middle class companies.

Never before this year, so many companies had applied for the INNOVATIONSPREIS-IT. 40 companies and just as many categories convinced the jury and proved: We think ahead and move something. The companies considered the specific requirements of middle class companies in regard to IT products and solutions and developed individual suitable, tailor-made solutions for small and middle class companies.

parm ltd. got a certificate in the areas of «Best of E-Business», «Best of Branch Software» and «Best of Quality Management». parm ltd. is very proud of the success!


Since 2004, Initiative Mittelstand considers effectively the INNOVATIONSPREIS-IT for the middle class. Companies of any sizes can apply in different categories; a top-class jury evaluate the submitted IT solutions about the middle class suitability, its innovative content and future orientation. A panel of judges of 100 professors, scientists, industry representatives, IT experts and specialised journalists test and evaluate the applications in each category over the whole IT landscape. 2013, the project is being run under the aegis of the
«niedersächsische Ministerium für Wirtschaft, Arbeit und Verkehr».

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