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parm ltd. receives the «swiss made software» accreditation

parm ltd. as a Swiss manufacturer of project management software solutions receives the official «swiss made software» accreditation and can use the quality label from now on. The software product portfolio of parm ltd. completely fulfils the high requirements: The development of the products is made by the Swiss software engineers. Furthermore, parm ltd. provides demanding and stable jobs. parm ltd. is very proud to be a Swiss software provider that meets the high quality standards and that the company is able to distinguish the products with this special label.

Since 2007, the label is specialised in software development and become increasingly important in future. The label «Swiss Made» is a seal of origin and also serves as a seal of quality. The label «swiss made software» offers a clearly understandable proof of quality of the software and is promoting the software industry at home and abroad. This proof of quality provide parm ltd. not only in the single programmed line of code, but also with the knowledge that parm ltd. employees possesses and the company has now been more than 17 years thriven and grown.

Advantages of the «swiss made software» accreditation for parm ltd. customers:

  • Quality

  • Precision

  • Reliability

  • Unbeatable IT-based system

  • Consideration of most current trends

The label supports the marketing of Swiss quality solutions and services. At the same time, the label increases the identity of parm ltd. as an important global company and highlights the origin and quality awareness of customers towards the Swiss software solutions of parm ltd.

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