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parm ltd. as a competent member of GPM

parm ltd. is an official member of GPM German Association for Project Management. Within the accreditation of the project management association, our core business project management receives professional support and benefit from the GPM-depth scientific knowledge. The advanced knowledge can be passed on directly to our customers by a higher quality of consultancy in particular. Not only the quality of consultancy increases, but also the parm solutions development bases on this knowledge, among other things. Like this we guarantee our customers the best possible performance on the project management market.

The membership allows us to review new project management perspectives that leads to new insights and prospects. Trends, needs and opinions are exchanged. In this way, we can continually pass on the state-of-the-art project management knowledge to our customers. Knowledge, methodology, norms, standards and tools – it is all about our business! We expand our knowledge with the GPM German Association for Project Management and our clients can benefit directly.

About GPM

GPM is the largest and most important project management association in Europe with the greatest network of expertise. Their mission is to promote the project management, in particular education, training and research on this subject. The association was founded in 1979 and include more than 5,900 members from all business areas, universities and the public sector. For all aspects of project management, GPM offers for more than 30 years’ service features and support organisations to use and implement project management effectively. GPM represent also the work of IPMA (International Project Management Association) Member Associations on the international stage and bring them together. The GPM-membership also allows us to be part of the IPMA community and to participate in the IPMA international network consisting of more than 50 national organisations. As GPM, IPMA is a global network project management association outgoing from Europe. The differentiation is that in addition, IPMA is a Certification Body for project management (IPMA Level D to A). Employees of parm ltd. had undergone the certification and are proud owners of IPMA certificates, including the highest certification IPMA Level A.

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