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Software evaluation for the canton of Berne

With praxis and situation-oriented advice and support from qualified personnel, parm ltd. creates the conditions that allow clients to execute projects professionally from A to Z – saving them money and realise a lasting enhancement of the company value.

Eduard Pfister, dipl. ETH, MS (Civil Engineering), MBA, CEO and owner of parm ltd. realised a consulting contract for the Civil Engineering Department of the canton of Berne. The task was to create a specification for the cost and contract management of construction, which had to fulfill the needs of the project leaders, the operation centers, the district chief engineers and the trunk line and also guarantee the unchanged connection to the central accounting. In addition, parm ltd. was allowed to support the office in the evaluation of an appropriate software and guide them right through to a decision. Stefan Studer, dipl. Kulturing. ETH Zurich and Head Officer of the Civil Engineering Department knew Mr. Pfister from a previous collaboration and was convinced that parm ltd. was the correct company for this mandate.

"Due to the proprietary development of the PM software ePARM of parm ltd. we are informed about the industry and other programs very well. We understand the complex requirements of an IT-based system to the last detail," said Mr. Eduard Pfister.

From the software suppliers the best were selected on the basis of selection and award criteria, and subsequently invited to a demonstration. The parm ltd. assisted the Civil Engineering Department in the evaluation and demonstration appointments, allowing a very efficient advice.

As part of an IT-strategy review the Construction, Transport & Energy Directorate of the canton of Berne suggested to search for an ERP solution, which fulfills the needs of the public works service and which is possible to spread through other offices. As a result, there was a further elimination and evaluation, where ERP vendors such as SAP were able to enter their offerings. Also for this project parm ltd. was assigned to be a stakeholder of the construction cost management. The evaluation was carried out by the WTO procurement process as a selective process. That requires the release of announcements for suppliers on Furthermore there will be a release of the supplier the contracting authority decided on. is an electronic platform shared by the federal government, cantons and communes for public procurement purposes. It offers a simple procedure for public contract-awarding authorities to post their tenders and, if need be, any relevant tender documents.

With his expert knowledge and years of practice experience, Mr. Eduard Pfister was able to advise the Department of Civil Engineering reputably and profoundly and also to get involved crucial, to find the ideal solution.

About the Civil Engineering Department of the canton of Berne

The Civil Engineering Department is the pivotal point when it comes to roads in the canton of Berne: 2,100 km secondary roads and 200 km national roads are now in its care. It represents the canton as owner and builder for planning, construction, operation and maintenance of secondary roads. It is based on the principle of "co-existence rather than domination on the road" as well as the transport policy provisions of cantonal overall mobility strategy. On behalf of the federal the national road network will be finished in accordance with the federal decision ready by 1960 and is entrusted with the operational and small structural maintenance of national roads in the area of units I and IX. The federal roads office is responsible for the construction and maintenance of national roads since the enactment of the fiscal equalization in 2008.

The Civil Engineering Department employs approximately 530 people.

About the Construction, Transport and Energy Directorate of the canton of Berne

People have been affecting their environment for a long time. In the earlier days, the space was seen as to be indefinite and the natural resources were expected to be inexhaustible. Today the demand of a careful handling of the landscape, soil, air and water is hardly disputed. The different needs regarding the usage, protection and security of our living space have to be brought in line.

The construction, transport and energy directorate sees its duty in pursuing sustainable development. It performs the tasks of hydraulic engineering, maritime law and riverfront legislation provides concessions for gravel extraction from waters and advises property developers in the revitalization of the water to about 12,000 km rivers and streams. The directorate also develops and promotes the management issues such as combined mobility, non-motorized transport (walking and hiking trails, bicycle traffic) and traffic management.