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Selection and evaluation of indicators in the medical practitioner relationship mgmt – part 1

The Swiss health system is changing and is characterised by an ever-increasing competition. Due to the revision of the insurance policy and in particular by the introduction of flat rate payment (DRG), the optimisation of processes between referring physicians for patients and providers is increasingly important. Many health care providers in the residential sector have recognised that the traditional hospital marketing is getting too short. They react with the design and implementation of a systematic, on the corporate goals oriented, medical practitioner relationship management.

As a result, the review of it success also gains importance. The contribution of the medical practitioner relationship management must be measured and adapted by key performance indicators (KPIs). Based on the defined indicators, the company must continue to evolve and “mature”. . The central aim of the research project at the University of Applied Sciences St. Gallen: Definition of performance characteristics, respectively quality parameters, which are useful as values of a possible benchmarking of the medical practitioner relationship management for different providers.

More about the KPIs (German) (PDF, 829 kb)