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Quality Scorecard (QSC)

Reliable information in your company

The topic data quality is gaining increasing significance for companies. A lot of them made the experience that neglected data are a problem that concern all departments and that the negative effects have impact for the enterprise as a whole.

The Quality Scorecard (qualitative report sheet) is a concept for the quality measurement of diverse key performance indicators (KPIs) of a company with regard to its current and desired situation.


The dimensions and topics are individually defined for each organisation. Compared to the Balanced Scorecard (BSC), the quality and not the strategy are verified.


The QSC should include not more than 15 key performance indicators. This is because the most QSC’s fail to choose and reduce the most critical KPIs.


Determination of the employee satisfaction: The perspective in this example is the mood of the employees. Due to the fact that this perspective cannot be expressed in figures, diverse influencing factors which lead to the employee satisfaction get considered.

Application of key figures:

  • Number of sickness absence of the employees

  • Number of actual hours versus target hours of work

  • Average duration of the employment relationship

  • Friendliness with regard to the assessment of the customer feedbacks

With this information, the company is able to measure the employee satisfaction.

The QSC help you to constitute, improve and communicate qualities.

Your advantages

  • Measures to improve the data quality and to raise the efficiency of all departments

  • Reducing of costs and increase of the sales and profits

  • Implementation by the full service provider – all from a single source

  • A continuous data quality is assured