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  • 11.11.2013

    A risk-based approach to management
    (PDF 304 kb)

    The evaluation of risks on the basis of the probability of their occurrence and the extent of any resulting damage together with the subsequent derivation of suitable measures forms the starting point for operative risk and opportunity management. Examples can be found in risk management standards such as ONR 49000 and ISO 31000.
    The company management should not simply take over the legal and official requirements on a 1:1 basis, but also implement them with respect to the risks revealed by the quality and management information system.
    With effect from 2008, Switzerland (as well as other countries) has made the provision of ICS documentation for all social systems mandatory. Its presence must be confirmed by an external auditor.


  • 07.05.2013

    Project Management solutions in the Cloud (PDF 501 kb)

    Cloud computing is the talk of the town and meanwhile becomes understood as solution for many problems and in response to the search for new approaches in IT. But, what does one understand by cloud and cloud computing actually?


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No Webinars available at the moment.


  • 01.09.2009

    26th International German Project Management Forum, Berlin

    Scrum Goes Global – How pitfalls can be avoided and the potential of the employees can be used
    Dr. Susanne Zajitschek, CEO and owner of Get Momentum in collaboration with parm ltd.
    Walter Epple, member of the board of parm ltd. and Certified Projects Director IPMA Level A
    October 14 -15, 2009


  • 01.08.2009

    1st PMI Chapter Guatemala Conference, Guatemala

    Managing Risks
    How to build a PM-Office
    Fernando Roque, President PMI Chapter Guatemala and Central American parm ltd. Consultant
    September 4, 2009