parm ltd. solutions are the best in the categories «E-Business», «Branch Software» and «Quality Management»

parm ltd. got a certificate in the areas of «Best of E-Business», «Best of Branch Software» and «Best of Quality Management».


parm ltd. again in collaboration with the FHS St.Gallen

parm ltd. has worked closely together with WTT-FHS during the last few years. The company has placed orders within the scope of all these practical project programmes and has been very happy with the results. Also this year, parm ltd. realise a scientific project in the area of «management concept» together with a student team of the FHS St.Gallen.


parm ltd. as accredited service provider of the association STARTFELD

Within eastern Switzerland, more than 1,000 companies are established per year. This is a considerable amount. Eastern Switzerland is a very dynamic and economic area within the three-country border Switzerland, Germany and Austria. It is a region that stands for renowned educational establishments and more and more frequently as part that also want to cooperate in the course of transnational cooperation. Best conditions for innovations and an alive young entrepreneur scene!