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H&S EUROPE decides strategic cooperation with parm ltd.

Archive system PAM-STORAGE eliminates media breaks in Swiss project management software and ensure legal security.

The Vienna-based document management software company H&S EUROPE and the Swiss project management specialist parm ltd. have decided to establish a strategic partnership.

The purpose of the cooperation is the integration of the Austrian DMS solution into the project management software solution from St.Gallen to take fully account of the increasing demands for legal conformity within the project management. Thanks to the installation of the archive solution, media breaks (scanned paper documents, e-mails, office documents) can be eliminated. Additionally, a complete traceability is ensured by an automatic document versioning.

Beyond the technical cooperation, the two companies will work closely together in the marketing area.


The H&S Europe Group develops and markets solutions for the acquisition, management and distribution of business documents and has a complete archiving portfolio with a consistent storage management platform since 1989. This platform is the basis and strategy to provide solutions for the data management, data consolidation and data organisation. H&S supports the leading applications for e-mail, Sharepoint (collaboration), ERP for example SAP, DMS and file systems.

The headquarter is located in Vienna, representatives are stood in Germany, Italy and Switzerland. Internationally, the company is represented by partners in the USA and Canada. In early 2009, the company agreed a close development and marketing collaboration with Metalogix in Canada.

H&S solutions are internationally in productive use since 20 years. Authorities and companies of all sizes rank among their references. International awards such as IT Channel Vision Award from Gartner and Readers Choice Award from the internet platform underline the leading position and quality of the products such as the e-mail archiving Archive Manager Exchange Edition.

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