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Sustainability Balanced Scorecard

Bringing light to darkness

Making sustainability measurable in companies with the aid of the balanced scorecard

• Is responsible action valued highly in your company?

• Are environmental aspects identified in your strategy?

• Do you not just think in quarters, but also strive for long term success?

If you can answer 'yes' to one or more of these questions, you are already on the way to sustainability. Many companies, however, state that they have difficulty measuring, controlling and communicating corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities with the comparable transparency and a quantitative level of implementation, that is common practice in classic areas of business.

In a research project from the St.Gallen University of Applied Sciences (FHS St. Gallen) supported by the government of the Swiss Confederation, Commission for Technology and Innovation (KTI), an approach has been developed that demonstrates how the theme of sustainability can be meaningfully integrated into the strategic process, and be made explicitly measurable as part of a Sustainability Balanced Scorecard. The consulting company, Detecon (Switzerland) AG and (as an implementation partner) the software producer, parm ltd. were also participants in the project.

Worldwide, in this form, the myPARM BSC Software Suite singularly unites the 'board room' (vision -> strategy -> aims -> indicators) with the 'operative basis' for implementing the strategy (portfolio analysis, project and resource management, risk & opportunity management, top-down / bottom-up communication, etc.). Within the scope of the project, the BSC concept of David Norton and Robert Kaplan was expanded to include the dimension 'Operational sustainability management / controlling' in a very generic form.
The fully-integrated GRI-G4 standards form the basis of comprehensive, sustainability management.