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Swiss Project Management Software Leaders Join Forces

Swiss Project Management Software Leaders Join Forces

A pair of Swiss market leaders in project management software, Helix Business Soft AG (Sokrates product line) in Baden-Dättwil and parm ltd. (myPARM Software Suite) in St. Gallen, have decided to join forces. They are merging their development activities, products and related market strategies.

The basic idea behind the merger is that sustainable success can only be achieved by developing innovative products and opening up new markets that offer customers and other parties truly distinctive and relevant benefits.

The companies recognised that current project management tools have reached a very high level of maturity at the operational project management level in terms of functionality and functional scope and have become largely identical in many respects.

The current focus of major opportunities and development possibilities lies in the integration of operational project management with the overall enterprise management and decision structure in the form of comprehensive networking.

In this regard, resource management, risk management and opportunity management aspects are just as important to the enterprise as the financial aspects of profit and liquidity. Seamless continuity can only be achieved by the full integration of all company-wide communication processes (including digital communication) over all management levels, communication channels, devices, apps and IT systems.

Instead of pursuing costly and time-consuming activities aimed at gaining a innovation advantage in each other's focus areas, Helix and parm have resolved to jointly develop new products which make the benefits of this integration available in the form of best-practice solutions, even outside the realm of large ERP systems such as SAP, IBM and so on. This portfolio will enable small and medium-size enterprises to achieve higher planning security, and with it substantial competitive advantages, while avoiding the major hurdle of high entry costs and the burden of unnecessarily rigid system processes.

Helix and parm, along with their products, already very much complement each other, and the merger will create major synergies in system development, sales, support and training.
The two companies have a customer base of some 25,000 software users in more than 30 countries.

St. Gallen and Baden-Dättwil, 25 March 2015